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At FSTC's heart are the world's leading financial institutions and the technology and service providers they use. Our subject matters experts comprise the leading technologists and business strategists of the financial services industry. Our project teams are staffed by industry-acknowledged thought leaders who provide trusted expert direction to FSTC investigations. Our staff and oversight groups assure outstanding service to FSTC's members. Our results are authoritative and relied upon by institutions, technology firms, and regulators.

Financial institutions established FSTC in 1993 as the industry's original forum for collaboration on technical issues affecting the financial services industry. Today, FSTC provides a safe, proven and reliable venue where institutions and technology companies explore today's pressing technical issues to strengthen the industry by facilitating competition in an increasingly interactive environment.

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Current Projects:
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  • Spoof 2007

  • The FSTC is proud to sponsor the “Spoof 2007” project conducted by the International Biometric Group. The project will study the capability of biometric systems to resist spoofing, an often overlooked risk to biometric systems. Review the project prospectus, test plan and presentation for details.

  • Extending the Enterprise: Applied Identity Access and Resource Sharing Across the Enterprise.

  • This project addresses how the extended enterprise can better protect non-public personal information that is shared with our service providers. Learn more about this project and the project prospectus.

  • FSTC Resiliency Model Initiative: Phase 3

  • With the reality of increasing, devastating business interruptions due to hurricanes and other natural disasters, terrorist threats, regional infrastructure failures, and breaches in technology security, this initiative is re-defining what it takes for the financial services industry to stay in business, no matter what the circumstances. Learn more about the project and the project prospectus.

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Crossing the Check Image Chasm
From American Banker. Read the full article

Final Pandemic Report and Recommendations
We wanted to let you know that the Final Pandemic Report and Recommendations and its transmittal letters to both Secretary Chertoff and Secretary Leavitt is now posted to the NIAC website.  You can access this document as well as other previous reports at

You can directly access the report by using this hyperlink as well:

Collaborative Software Developing Shared FI Software Components Last year a few of us met at a Collabnet hosted Financial Summit in New York to discuss the concept of collaborative software development. This discussion generated sufficient interest that we (FSTC) thought it might warrant a special interest group to discuss the concepts and explore potential collaborations in this area. If you are interested in joining this group, please reply to Dan Schutzer, along with your availability for a conference call on Feb 8 noon to 3pm Eastern or Feb 12, 12-3 or 3-4pm For more background material click here

FSTC in the News - updated 01.19.07
"FSTC names co-chairs of Business Continuity Standing Committee" from Read the full article.

Press release - 01.16.07
FSTC Names Two Industry Executives to Co-Chairs of Business Continuity Standing Committee. Read the release.

Data Security Fears Growing, Could Lead to Lost Customers
From American Banker. Read the full article

The Tech Scene: Banking by Cell Phone - This Time It's for Real?
From American Banker. Read the full article

Dan Schutzer Interview with BankNet360 Radio
PART 1 of 3: Image Capturing.
On this edition of On Banking, With banks becoming more reliant on technology to transfer documents, the equipment to ensure copies of documents are clear and legible has been called into question. In the first part of a three part series discussing banking initiatives with the Financial Services Technology Consortium, Executive Director Dan Schutzer discusses an FSTC initiative to create standards for capturing images of financial documents. Listen to the interview

FSTC Part 2 of 3: Securing Consumer Data
On this edition of On Banking, financial institutions transferring customer data is always a sensitive issue. Protecting customer data while still making the data readily accessible for users is a delicate balancing act. In the second part of a three part series discussing banking initiatives with the Financial Services Technology Consortium, Executive Director Dan Schutzer discusses improving security and encryption to protect sensitive consumer material. Listen to the interview

FSTC Part 3 of 3: Creating a Fraud Database
On this edition of On Banking, satisfying banking customers on service and support calls can be difficult enough with automated menus and long hold times. Making customers sit through a sales pitch at the end of the call can frustrate them even more. In the second of two discussions with On Banking, First Manhattan Consulting Group's managing vice president Theo Moumtzidis discusses effective strategies for cross-selling products on service calls.Listen to the interview

Financial Services Break-out Session
Shared Financial Services Industry Collaborative Development Platform, meeting November 30, 2006. Read the details.

John Fricke Joins FSTC as Chief of Staff from JPMorgan Chase
Read the press release

FSTC 2006 Annual Meeting - Presentations are available.

Update on OMG Finance Domain Task Force
Payments standards and high level modeling of Business Processes - account opening and payments. Read the update.

Pandemic Flu Guide available
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just released a new Guide entitled "Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guide for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CI/KR)". The following are links to an electronic copy of the Pandemic Guide and a letter of explanation from James R. Caverly, Director, Infrastructure Partnerships Division, DHS which may now be found on the FSSCC web site.DHS is encouraging the widespread dissemination of this information. In coming days, the guide will also be available at and

November - December Highlights.
Read the November - December 2006 highlights.
Review previous monthly highlights

FSTC and Carnegie Mellon
collaborate on a Technical note - "Sustaining Operational Resiliency: A Process Improvement Approach to Security Management". Read the document.

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FSTC in the News
read about FSTC activities in various publications.

Our Standing Committees drive our studies and articles, offering forums for the open discussion of challenges, issues, and ideas facing leading financial services organizations. Current committees include:

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